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Publication Date

Claiming in the Alternative: Beware the Minefield

Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society

Vol 85  , No. 12  , pp. 999 – 1006

December 2003

The UDRP: The Globalization of Trademark Rights

IIC -  International Review of Intellectual Property and Copyright Law, Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law, Munich, Vol 33, 8/2002, Beck Verlag, publisher.  Pp. 924-940

August 2002

The The Ambiguity of Or

(co-author - Jennifer Hammond)

Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society

Vol 84, No. 3, pp. 245-250

March 2002

Le droit international de l’internet

(co-author – Marc Rotenberg)



Literary Evidence for Roman Arithmetic with Fractions

(co-author – John Makowski)

Classical Philology, Vol 96, pp. 376 – 399


How to Collect Your Email – Anywhere or Almost Anywhere

Law Practice Management, American Bar Association,

 November/December 1997

Trademark Law on the Internet – Will It Scale? The Challenge to Develop International Trademark Law

The John Marshall Journal of Computer & Information Law, Vol XVI, No. 1, pp. 3-19

Fall 1997

Trademarks on the Internet: Who’s in Charge?

The Data Law Report

July 1996

The Shrink-Wrap License: Old Problems in a New Wrapper

Journal, Copyright Society of the U.S.A., Vol.   , No.    pp. 292-312


Purity Versus Plugola: A Study of the Federal Communications Commission’s Sponsorship Identifcation Rules

DePaul Law Review, Vol. 23, No. 3, 903-936

Spring 1974